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Valéria Sanchez

Affiliated School Director, Certified Instructor


Valéria Sanchez, was born in São Paulo – Brasil, in March, 01st 1970.

It was in 1999 when first Valéria, learned of the Angela and Roque Severino´s classes and decided this is where she wanted to focus her taijiquan pursuits.

She started to practice Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1999 with the Masters Roque Henrique Severino and Angela Soci.

Post graduation in Physiology Exercise at USP University.

Member of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association since 2000.

In 1999 she had made the Tai Chi Chuan Teacher`s Course ministered by Roque and Angela Masters in Brazil. From that time to now she has been given Tai Chi Chuan classes in many places, companies, schools, hospitals, and for senior people in São Paulo.

She also had participated in all of the Seminars in Brazil with the Masters Yang Jun and Yang Zhenduo, including Sword, Saber and Tui Shou.

In the Saturday mornings she has a students saber tai chi group.

She continues studing theory and Tai Chi Chuan philosophy including I Ching and push hands. Tai Chi Chuan really transformed her life for best.


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