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Greetings all,

In doing my form, I find that I have come to rely on a fairly consistent set of "guideposts" help me evaluate whether I am correct. These guideposts are usually applicable to a number of postures and transitions. Does anyone else use this method extensively?

I am not sure how many I use, perhaps 30? I would be curious to know who else might use this technique and what some of the guideposts might be.

Examples I use that are often, but necessarily always, applicable:

1. When arms are horizontal, keep wrists level with shoulders.
2. Keep gaze convergent with the line of the striking arms, even with the center line, or aimed through the Tiger's mouth.
3. When the hand cocks before a strike, tuck the hand before the armpit and keep elbow even with the side seam.
4. As my foot flattens, but before beginning to bend the knee fully, find a limit or extreme for the arms to fill out.
5. Place the elbow or the shoulder above the knee.

Any comments?

Take care,
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