What style might this be?

What style might this be?

Postby Kacky » Tue May 03, 2011 4:08 am

Lately I have been tagging along with an elderly neighbor. She says the forms she uses are very common, but I can't find any videos that show it her way. She wrote down the forms and sure enough the names are the same as we often see in a conventional 24 short form. She goes along pretty closely until we get to #13, Kick with the Right Heel. Instead of a step and stab to the left and then right leg up with arms up and out, she comes out of High Pat the Horse by crossing the ankles, weighted left leg in front, then the right leg comes up and she holds it bent at first, then kicks the leg out straight with the left arm out straight and right hand back. Then she brings both hands up in front with palms toward the face, at eye level. From there, Double Bees Buzzing looks conventional, and the turn around to stand on one leg, but Single Whip Squatting Down looks more like something I would call "Needle Up From the Bottom of the Sea." Does this resemble any style that you have seen? I'm enjoying doing it along with her, but I'd sure like to know what it is!
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Re: What style might this be?

Postby pyyp23 » Tue May 17, 2011 11:10 am

I think the cheng man ching forms do snake creeps down like needle at sea bottom. Have a look for his forms on YouTube
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Re: What style might this be?

Postby UniTaichi » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:53 pm

Hi, this forum has quieten down quite a bit. So just to get some ''moves'' back, I will give my 2 cts worth. I am doing the CMC and Huang style 37 and Yang 108 within a yr. I have stopped asking or comparing individual moves by this or that person, masters or school even though the move are of the same name. Taking my experience on the 3 style and 2 teacher. All have differences depending on the teachers' interpretation or how it was taught to him. Just as long as the moves follows the Taichi principles I am ok with it. And this is the way I do my taichi.

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