fraud, Peter van Hooij Arnhem: Tai Ji Quan

fraud, Peter van Hooij Arnhem: Tai Ji Quan

Postby yangtse » Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:48 am

Yet.. we and the dutch, belgium investigating bully-shido team (Freddie Kremer, Richard Kohlman, Sun Tze Yang, Kevin Miller, John Medenga, Harrie Willink, Peter Veenstra, Vincent Ploegsma) have started another subject topic about Laoshi Peter van Hooij Tai Chi Chuan instructor selfproclaimed, from Sportschool van Hooij Arnhem (Tai Ji Quan, Sanda, Kungfu, Selfdefense). Please let mr Laoshi Peter van Hooij defend himself within this topic. Everybody else is welcome to post also, but please stay on topic and mind your language please, we shall mind our language as well.

Topic: Laoshi Peter van Hooij

Birthdate: 10 maart 1972

Reason: Untruth on the website in many ways. Sportschool van Hooij

Investigation link: ... r-van.html

This is mr Laoshi Peter van Hooij from Arnhem the Netherlands at work:

We have opened this topic because we think that martial arts forum can not decline/refuse such a topic. The bullshido group is a group of people who are investigating fraud and corruption in the Martial Arts. We have done a descent investigation on Laoshi Peter van Hooij from Arnhem the Netherlands and the results of that investigation are astonishing. We do not write this to slender someone in any way. We write this to let the public know about this person and that the things he wrote about himself, on his website are false and that the martial arts teachers he was training under never where his teachers at all.

With that we know for a fact that Laoshi Peter van Hooij never trained under Sifu Mike Martello, and never was educated by Phoa Yan Tiong. This Peter van Hooij guy is also using a picture of Sifu Mei Qi Tang the best friend of his old teacher Fred Decramer on his website. Peter van Hooij shows Mei Qi Tang on his website BUT he never met Mei Qi Tang in person and he never ever trained with Mei Qi Tang we have have proof from this of mr Fred Decramer. What Peter van Hooij does is he takes a picture from the How Chuen Kungfu website, the picture is of Sifu Fred Decramer with his best friend Mei Qi Tang, then Peter van Hooij is photo shopping the picture and cuts of Fred Decramer, and he is then using the Mei Qi Tang part of the picture without permission of the right owner.

Fred Decramer said about this:

From: Fred Vetplant Date: 2012/7/2
Subject: Re: Geachte heer Decramer
To: Richard Kohlman <>
>beste ,,freddie kremer"(merkwaardige naam)alias r.kohlman, leerlingen hebben mij er op >geattendeerd dat Hooy een foto v.d.kung fu. site heeft gehaald,de helft..behalve hand..eraf geknipt >en op zijn site gezet, en erbij dat hij les heeft gehad van Mei Chi Tang (mijn beste vriend), is volledig >onjuist,hij komt uit china (niet Indonesia) en heeft Hooy nooit ontmoet mvg fred.

Peter van Hooij gave himself the title of Laoshi / Shifu

No one has made Peter van Hooij a Laoshi, he gave himself a title of Laoshi and he is misusing the term shifu and laoshi. Because in his texts at his youtube movies he names himself shifu and that is impossible because Shifu or Laoshi is not a title at all, and with that, others have to name you shifu or laoshi, you never name yourself shifu or laoshi. A person who names himself shifu or laoshi does not know anything about the Chinese way of thinking, the Chinese culture and philosophies. It is very interesting to see the untruth in the different subjects of mr Peter van Hooij his website.
Peter van Hooij never trained with Mike Martello

The proof is conclusive, mr Peter van Hooij never was a private student of mr Mike Martello the founder of Wu Tang and Zhen Wu organization in Belgium, the whole story on his website about Mike Martello is made up, we have very much proof, but 2 emails of Mike Martello his closest people say the following:

Rosa Mei the ex girlfriend of Mike Martello wrote:

Rosa Mei Jun 24 (13 days ago) to me
Dear Richard,
I knew all of MIke's students and training partners. I have never heard of Peter van Hooij, nor did Mike ever mention him and we talked every day about the school and his students. He certainly NEVER gave anyone the title of "Sifu" or "Laoshi".
Kim Haukland (former instructor of Zhen Wu Antwerp and now of Zhen Wu Prague) attended every training camp organized by Mike and Zhang Laoshi and does not recognize this person.
I also asked Master Zhang XinBin if he knew of Peter van Hooij and he looked at Peter's website and said he did not know this person. Zhang Laoshi said there is a possibility that this man attended a few of his seminars before in the past, but he has no right to use his name (or Sun and Yu Laoshi's names as well) to promote himself. In traditional Chinese martial arts, this is only a privilege granted to disciples. Zhang Laoshi wrote this. "他 (Peter van Hooij) 也没有权利代表我和麦可,因为他不是我们的徒弟。" In translation this means, Mr. van Hooij has no authority to represent either me or Mike because he is not a disciple.
So regarding the following two statements, they are false.:
"....Peter van Hooij was trainingspartner en privatestudent (van 2001 t/m 2008) van Mike in Belgie......"
"........en Nederland. Hij volgde tevens intensieve trainingen bij Mike's leermeesters Zhang Xinbin, Yu Shaoyi en Sun Ruxian toen Mike hen uitnodigde om als gastdocent in Belgi les te komen geven. Peter specialiseerde zich bij Mike in Sanda (Sanshou). In 2008 vroeg Mike aan Peter om het geleerde te onderwijzen in Nederland en kende hem de traditionele leermeestergraad (Laoshi) toe....................."
Unfortunately, Mike never left a will so, unfortunately, anyone (be it a beginner student or even someone who has never met him) can make any claim whatsoever and use MIke's name to promote themselves. This is highly unethical, but there is very little recourse for legal action. There are also ex-students of Mike's (XIngLong Zhen Wu Antwerp) who started their own school and claim to be continuing Mike's teachings. Their claim to Mike's "legacy" could also disputed, however it IS true that they did train with Mike in the past. They were never "authorized" by Mike to be teachers.
I knew Mike since '94. We moved to Belgium from NY together. He was my partner, my husband and best friend. After his death, I also handled the matters of his estate and took over running the martial arts school in Belgium and continued the international training camps he began with Zhang Laoshi and Rene. Mike was a genius martial artist and also the kindest man I have ever met. He would never have wanted his legacy tainted in this way.
It may be the case that Peter van Hooij feels a great affinity for Mike's teachings and agrees with all of his principles. He should use his own martial skill to promote himself without the name dropping and just continue training.
Rosa Mei

Jochen Wolfgramm the best friend of Mike Martello wrote:

Dear Vincent,
I write to you in english, so you can better understand the answers to your questions.
As for the Memory of my teacher Mike Martello:
yes it would be nice, if everybody would act in respect for his work and don't misuse his name and his teachings. But unfortunately there is no legal or official way to force this.
As for this Peter van Hooij:
I never heared Mike talking about him, so it is possible that he took one or two private lessons with Mike but was clearly not a long time student. Mike and me talked intensively about our students whenever we met. We were about to build up the Zhen Wu Organization in Europe and therefore we talked about people working with us in the future. So we never talked about Mr. van Hooij it is likely so that he was not a close student of Mike. Also looking at his videos I can clearly see that he didn't train intensively in the ideas of Mike Sifu.
Another topic: Mike clearly rejected all the titel and politics BS. So he would never give somebody the "titel" laoshi or sifu (because it is NO titel).

Anyway: an open discussion will not change anything. Let the misguided people do what they feel need to do. Quality stands for itself.
Keep looking for a good school near you or just come over and learn at my school if you don't mind the distance.

Jochen Wolfgramm ,

Peter van Hooij never trained with Phoa Yan Tiong

Peter van Hooij never was a regular student of Phoa Yan Tiong because the followers of Phoa Yan Tiong stated that they have never seen Mr Peter van Hooij at any class and that Phoa Yan Tiong did not hand out much teacher credentials or licenses only for the closest hardest working regular students. Peter van Hooij was not that close at all, Peter van Hooij could have done some Phoa Yan Tiong workshops in the past, but Phoa Yan Tiong never handed out a teachers credential to Peter van Hooij because it is simply not documented in the archives of Phoa Yan Tiong and the succesors of Phoa Yan Tion deny that Peter van Hooij is one of those persons who earned the teaching credentials from Phoa Yan Tiong.
Peter van Hooij claimed he trained the Prins Dschero Khan (Sifu Gerard Karel Meijers) system of Shaolin Kempo with mr Fred Decramer but all the Shaolin Kempo schools deny that Peter van Hooij has earned a grade at that system. This mr Dschero Khan thinks he is a descent of the great Genghis Khan of Mongolia this are two movie clips of Dschero Khan, this is funny stuff.

Documentary Prins Dschero Khan:

Qi Gong Prins Dschero Khan:

Laoshi Peter van Hooij did in fact train in the system of How Chuen Kungfu (Monkey Kungfu) under respected master Sifu Fred Decramer and mr Peter van Hooij attained the 1st TOAN what can be seen equal to a first degree black belt or 1st DAN grade in other martial art systems. Laoshi Peter van Hooij please reply and defend yourself against our findings, and show proof of your claims here out in the public right on this forum.

Burrial ceremonies: Peter van Hooij has never bin at any funeral service of any of his past away teachers, on his website he claims he was very close to Mike Martello, Phoa Yan Tiong, Henny vd Heyden, Jay Elfring and many others. Why hasn’t he bin to all those funeral ceremonies? Why staying away? If somebody dies you can only say goodbye once and then you have to be there.

We have all the proof and the facts please email us at if you want some more proof then we displayed here.

Youtube: the strange thing is that Peter van Hooij has turned all the reactions at every movie on off, nobody can leave a comment why is he closing that for the youtube community? If he is a master then where is he affraid for?
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Re: fraud, Peter van Hooij Arnhem: Tai Ji Quan

Postby anonymous1 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:59 pm

Peter van Hooij lies about much more, not only about his carreer. You don´t need to worry to much with his sick mind it won´t take long before ´´as we say in the nethelands´´ he will break his own glasses and his mask will fall of 8)
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Re: fraud, Peter van Hooij Arnhem: Tai Ji Quan

Postby mls_72 » Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:18 pm

frauds suck. not sure what people need to lie and make claims. that is un-righteous.
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