Tai Chi Bagua and the hypothesis of "S" shape axis of the ea

Tai Chi Bagua and the hypothesis of "S" shape axis of the ea

Postby feng » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:00 pm

Tai Chi Bagua and the hypothesis of "S" shape axis of the earth

by Feng Mei, 04/02/2014
Based on three-dimensional space, on the earth, face south stand, the sunrise on east, trees grow up like sunrise energy, the wood element on east which on Bagua is Zhen Gua 9:00 location, on the morning which often wind gathter the cloud time, so on 10:30 location is Xun Gua, on noon time, the sun on top of sky which is hottest time in the day, fire is heat up, so Li Gua on 12:00 location, afternoon which is sun tide damp heat time, fire born earth, so Kun Gua on 1:30 location, the sunset on west which is moon tide time, the temperature is cool sink like metal element, so Dui gua on west 3:00 location, first part of night, the moon and stars on the sky shining which is yang energy active inside the dark yin energy, so Qian Gua is on 4:30 location, at midnight, the day is most cold like ice or water, water is cold down, so Kan Gua on 6:00 location, on after midnight, it is very dark before the sunrise like a mountain block the sun light, so Gen Gua on 7:30 location. The above is after heaven Bagua location condition, no matter where you stand on the earth, except south pole and north pole, just face south, you are always on the center of after heaven Bagua. Why face south? because the Chinese south compass shows the earth Qi field is on south direction.

Based on four-dimensional space, because the earth autobiography and sunrise with sunset, if assume the earth is the center of Bagua, so the Sun fire Li gua is circle moving on the ecliptic, so the Bagua also is in a moving condition. Hence, the earth be separate to day time area and night time area, if the daytime area is Yang, so the night time area is Yin, then the Yin and Yang will alternate move change each other, and day time area will include four Yang Gua which is Zhen, Li, Dui and Qian; the night time area will include four Yin Gua which is Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun, these eight Gua are moving from east to west surround the earth axis on ecliptic, which is moving preheaven bagua, so based on preheaven Bagua, the south and north pole with earth axis are the center of preheaven Bagua.

Another way, if we image the earth center axis is a spiral turning "S" shape, our earth will looks like a huge Tai Chi Ball right? and the south and north pole look like the Yin Yang points of the Tai Chi ball right?

The difference of preheaven Bagua and afterheaven Bagua:

Preheaven Bagua is talking about the relationship of Yin and Yang, which is put 8 image of sky, earth, wind, thunder, mountain, lake, water and fire into 4 groups to explain their yin yang relationship, <Zhou Yin.Shuo Gua Chuan> records: sky and earth(Qian and Kun) define the Bagua up and down locations, thunder and wind(Zhen and Xun) action effective each other, mountain and lake(Gen and Dui) connect Qi each other, water and fire(Kan and Li) keep away each other, this condition is the very beginning time of the world built by god, and the five elements not built up yet, but the afterheaven Bagua already has the five elements relationship, so this is the difference of preheaven Bagua and after heaven Bagua.


After heaven Bagua: Preheaven bagua:

After heaven Bagua location:

Chinese south compass:

Preheaven Tai Chi Bagua Map:
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