Paradigm Shifts By Moray King

Paradigm Shifts By Moray King

Postby UniTaichi » Sat May 24, 2014 8:34 am

Recommended for all.

It is about physic and energy model from beginning to now. I found that they are similiarities with some of taiji principles and could explain taiji energy at its highest form.

Some eg;
negative/positive = yin/yang
open/close as in joints
Torus energy = eight direction/erengy, energy bubble
consciousness = yi

The EVO (Energy Vaccum Object) is interesting. It has the following charateristics;
-abrupt high voltage, electric discharge
-makes plasmoids
-mutual repulsion
-huge anomalous force
-taps Zero-Point-Energy (ZPE)

It is IMO similiar to how the Dantian discharge the energy or fajin as I know it. Most physicist nowaday would usually talk about Vaccum whcih can create enormous power. Vaccum = Void, Kong, Emptiness, highest level of taiji.

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