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The Martial Council Website/Discussion

Postby zukeru » Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:31 pm

In the world of martial arts, wheter it be Tai Chi, Wu Shu, Shaolin, Karate, Aikido, etc.
The knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation is the most valuable information on the planet. Thousands and hundreds of years of information is stored in the minds of the masters of today. My Goal is to bring them all together. I want to organize Las Vegas first, and then from there I want to expand to the entire united states. We need to unite the collective knowledge of the entire country to create a more knowledgeable understanding of what it means to practice martial arts. I want to establish the first city wide martial arts community. This will take a lot of work, however the amount of knowledge that can be gained from all the martial arts practitioners in Las Vegas meeting on a regular basis is insurmountable.

Check out the newly opened all groups are invited to join. You are allowed to post events etc. This website is for topics over Martial Arts, Spirituality, Qi Gong, and a place for schools to advertise.

I will also hold weekly Internet based voice discussions as soon as people show interest.

Once again

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