Wang Zong Yue's Tai Chi THeory

Wang Zong Yue's Tai Chi THeory

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Tai Chi is come from Wuji, Wuji is the original source of Yin and Yang, during Tai Chi movements,the yin and yang active each other,and turnning exchanging each other,become stronger and weaker each other,they are keeping the moving balance condition,so the movements is not too much yang ,or less yang,the Tai Chi movements should follow the rule of yin and yang's power changing,if the opponnet use strong power attack me,I can not use same strong power to against him,but thould use flexible soft power to follow his power and lead his attackto a empty condition to resolve the attack,this called "let go";I follow the opponnet's attack direction attack direction sticky on the opponnet'body,tilt the attack power go lost direction, this called "sticky", fast attack movement,I should use fast way to face it,slow attack movement, I should use slow wayto follow it,the fighting condition term even is changing at very short seconds,the movements will changing lots of differents ways, but the fighing theory of them are the same one without changing. the power's rules hiding inside the postures,only pracitce each postures,gradually understand its power way,and based on this level with advance higher condtrol the power to a high level,if you can not practice hard to a expert level,you will not undrestand this theory.
During TaiChi movements,the neck muscle thould relax,upright head, relax abdomen,Qi sink to lower Dantian,during TAiChi movements,the body's gravity center should be steady,keep in balance condition. clear in mind the condition of exchanging movements of body gravity center with fast and secret moves, if the opponent attack my left side, i will empty my left side body gravity center and move to body right side, if the opponnet attack my right side, i will empty my right sidy body gravity center move to body left sidy,if the opponent attack my hight part,I will lift body gravity center to higher location, if the oppponent attack my lower part,I wil lower my body gravity center,hence,don't give any good condition or chance for opponent to attack me,during attack,should keep a chain of movements,not give the opponet any rest chance,if defense,should not delay the fighting time,more fast more good, should not give the opponent a chain of attack movements,about the attack degree,will based on the condition,even can not add a feather's weight power,for defeense, the fast condition even can not give a chance to a fly stop on fighting way and ideas are hide in secret to opponent,so the opponent do not know my condition, but I know the opponent's like know my own palm and fingers' condition, so the winners most can use these stratagems and ideas.
There are lot of sects of Tai Chi martial arts,and different of movements of fighting ways, but most of them are use power and speed to win the opponent as a basic conditions, so stronger power will win the weaker power,faster speed will win the slower speed moves,but these are human body natuer instinct ability affection,it is not related to the regular using rule of power jins, such as use 4 ounce power to win thousand pound power,which is use small power to win the big power example. this is not use strong power to win the opponent, a single senior person can fight with lot of people which is not simply based on fast move speed can reach the win condition?!
Body stand should like a steelyard which is balance steady,body move should like wheels' move self-flexible, body weight on one side(single weight)will easy flexible,body weight stay in the middle of two feet with is double weight,no flexible, feeling is slowwitted, those people practice long time years very hard,can not face the opponent attack and easy be controlled,lost flexibility and control power,the reason is not understand the body weight theory,cause double weight problem,theory should understand the relationship of yin yang fighting and united as one,sticky is to let go,let go must use sticky, so sticky is let go, let go is sticky.this is yin and yang depend each other action each other,exchange each other and fighting united as one,only understand the changing relationship of yin and yang, you will understand the power jins's regular theory tenet,after this,directed by the jins' tenet your Tai Chi will practice more progress and more higher level; and with more thinking study summarized,the power jins will be self-controlled more easier condition.
Tai Chi's principle is based on: "use quiet to control movement,use late action to control earlier action,use soft power to win hard power, borrow power to attaick opponent, late move but earlier arrive",this is give up self bad condition to follow the good condition of win the opponent tactic. but most people think self body as mainly condition, fighting hard to get faster,use hard power to attack the opponent, though these are kind of the fighting way, but these are give up near way to get the long way,give up self good condition follow the opponent bad condition,in fact,this is totally different from my theory, so, the Tai Chi practitioners must detail think about it and figure it clear, this is my Tai Chi theory.
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