Sky Earth Human 64 Form Tai Chi

Sky Earth Human 64 Form Tai Chi

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Sky Earth and Human 64 form Tai Chi
教练 梅高峰 2014年3月28日 by master Feng Mei 03/28/2014
面南而立 face south stand
1, 起式 Begin form
2, 棚左东方Peng left east Part the wild horse's mane
3, 劈右南方Pi right south Hold a pipa
4, 捋右中央Lu right step back right foot center grasp a bird's tail
5, 挤右西方Ji right west cross hands squeeze
6, 按左北方An left north brush knee push hand
7, 采右西南Cai right south west needle to the bottom of sea
8, 挒右西北Lie right north west flash shoulder like spread a fan
9, 肘左东北Zhou left north east elbow attack
10, 靠左东南Kao left south east shoulder agaist
11, 捋右中央Lu right center grasp a birds' tail
12, 中定白鹤亮翅Center steady white crane open its wings left
13, 前进左搂膝拗步南方forward brush knee push hand left south
14, 前进右搂膝拗步南方forward brush knee push hand right south
15, 前进左劈手挥琵琶南方forward Pi hold pipa left south
16, 后退右倒卷肱北方退步backward roll back arm right step back to north
17, 后退左倒卷肱北方退步backward roll back arm left step back to north
18, 中央右白蛇吐信南方center white snake show its tongue stab right arm to front south
19, 中央并步顺时针绕臂十字手南方center close steps cross hands clockwise circle arms
20, 左顾左蹬一根东方leftward heel push kick left leg east
21, 左顾左双峰贯耳东方leftward hit ears with fists left east
22, 右盼右云手西方rightward step to right side cloud hands west
23, 右盼右单鞭西方rightward single whip to right side west
24, 抱地气入丹田抱虎归山Hold the earth energy up to body - hold a tiger back to moutain face south
25, 捋中央拦雀尾Lu center grasp a birds' tail
26, 按右搂膝拗步北方An to north brush knee push hand right
27, 采右海底针西南Cai right turn right to southwest needle to bottom of sea
28, 棚左野马分鬃东方Peng left turn left to east part the wild horse's mane
29, 靠左肩靠东南Kao left to south east shoulder against
30, 捋中央拦雀尾Lu center grasp a birds' tail right
31, 挒右闪通背西北Lie right frash shoulder like spread a fan north west
32, 挤右十字手挤西方Ji right to west cross hands to squeeze
33, 肘左肘顶式肘东北Zhou turn left to elbow attack to north east
34, 劈右手挥琵琶南方Pi south right hold a pipa
35, 捋右中央退右步拦雀尾Lu center right foot step back grasp a birds' tail
36, 抱天气入丹田Hold sky energy to body
37, 棚左东方Peng left east
38, 捋右中央Lu right center
39, 棚左东方Peng left east
40, 劈右南方Pi right south
41, 捋右中央Lu right center
42, 劈右南方Pi right south
43, 捋右中央Lu right center
44, 挤右西方Ji right west
45, 捋左中央Lu left center
46, 挤右西方Ji right west
47, 按左北方An left north
48, 捋左中央Lu left center
49, 按左北方An left north
50, 采右西南Cai right south west
51, 捋右中央Lu right center
52, 采右西南Cai right south west
53, 挒右西北Lie right north west
54, 捋右中央Lu right center
55, 挒右西北Lie right north west
56, 肘左东北Zhou left north east
57, 捋左中央Lu left center
58, 肘左东北Zhou left north east
59, 靠左东南Kao left south east
60, 捋右中央Lu right center
61, 靠左东南Kao left south east
62, 捋右中央Lu right center
63, 抱人气入丹田Hold human energy center to Dantian
64, 收式End form
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