Taiji Quan 9 palace 5 elements 14 form

Taiji Quan 9 palace 5 elements 14 form

Postby feng » Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:33 am

Taiji Quan 9 palace 5 elements 14 form

by master Feng Mei 08/05/2013


Face south stand
Begin posture
1, East, Peng: part the wild horse's mane;
2, South, Pi: hold a pipa;
3, Center, Lu: hold a bird tail Lu;
4, West, Ji: hold a bird tail Ji;
5, North, An: double hands push An;
6, South west, Cai: needle in the bottom of sea;
7, North west, Lie: flash shoulder cut hand;
8, North east, Zhou: elbow hit;
9, South east, Kao: Shoulder bump;
10, Center steady: white crane open it's wings;
11, Frontward: snake step push hand;
12, Backward: push back monkey;
13, Left look: hold horse, cross hands, left leg kick and punch ears with both fists;
14, Right watch: cloud hands, single whip and cross hands hold a tiger back to mountain;
End posture

Additional attachment:
Face south practice Tai Chi. Based on afterheaven Bagua map
Peng is wood energy elastic power east, Zhen Gua, Qi go to left ribs.
Pi is fire energy explosive power south, Li Gua, Qi go to head.
Lu is earth energy mixed power center, Qi go to Lower Dan tian.
Ji is metal energy heavy sink hard power west, Dui Gua, Qi go to right ribs.
An is water energy down relax power north, Kan Gua, Qi go to underhip.
Cai is Kun Gua, right shouler Qi down. earth energy
Lie is Qian Gua, right hip Qi sink. metal energy
Zhou is Gen Gua, left hip Qi down, earth energy
Kao is Xun Gua, left shoulder Qi up, wood energy
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