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China Adventure 2015

High Mountains, Ancient Capitals, Shaolin Temple &
Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo's 90th Birthday Celebration

The Association is pleased to announce the intinerary for another adventure in China! Next summer we will celebrate Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo's 90th birthday in Taiyuan on August 4th.

The adventure begins in Xi'an. Jiuzhaigou used to be one of the remotest mountain valleys in Sichuan, a 10 to 12 hour bus ride from Chengdu. Now with the establishment of airline service, this beautiful national park draws visitors to explore its fabulous scenery. Those who wish to experience this UNESCO world heritage site will fly from Xi'an to Jiuzhaigou for several days.

The second option is to fly to Xi'an and meet the group after the mountain tour. Here we will spend two days touring this ancient capital, which is most famous for the terra-cotta warriors but has many other important cultural sites that reflect its long history as the terminus of the Silk Road.

Then we will travel by bus to Luoyang, Shaolin Temple, Handan and the Yang family's hometown Guangfu, then finally to Taiyuan. At each stop there are historical and cultural sites of tremendous importance and appeal. We will take the time to explore these locations as we travel through almost 4,000 years of Chinese history.

The birthday celebration will be a wonderful chance to meet with our Taiyuan and Shanxi Taiji brothers and sisters and pay tribute to our beloved teacher as he reaches this exceptional milestone.

For those who wish to stay on for a few days after the birthday, Master Yang Jun will be presenting a two-day seminar on the 103-hand form, hosted by his brother, Master Yang Bin. There will also be another option for those who would like to spend an extra day touring Beijing and the Great Wall.

Download: China 2015 Registration Form

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