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Become a Member of Our Association!

Member Benefits

Every enthusiast of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan may become a member by registering through the local Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center or directly with the Association. Please allow up to 6 weeks for processing of memberships.

Member Benefits:

  1. Association Journals.
  2. 10% discounts on seminar tuition.
  3. Discount on Association products.
  4. Right to participate in Ranking System.
  5. Right to be selected as a judge of the Association.
  6. Right to be a Certified Instructor.
  7. Members may apply to establish a Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center.

Option 1: Please use our Membership System

We have an automated membership system for joining and renewing memberships online. Please click Join the Association to join, and Member Profile/Billing for renewals and other stuff.

Using the membership system, it's easy to update your contact information and get automated renewal notices. When you join, the system will give you a userid and password that is also used in the Members-Only Area. If you need help, contact .

The next two options are still available, but discouraged for the following reasons:

  1. Without going through the Membership System, you won't have a userid/password to use for the Members-Only Area.
  2. The membership system lets you keep your info up-to-date.
  3. Using the other 2 options is more work for us, and has created more errors in our database than we'd like to have.

Option 2: If you prefer to mail in your member form

This isn't preferred, but if you must use the mail, the application form is on the download page.

Option 3: Form for Renewals Only

This isn't the preferred way to renew. If you're in the membership system, when it's time to renew, you will receive a renewal invoice. If that cannot work for you, then use this form to renew.

Individual $30
Family $50
Total amount: $

Click to pay for renewal.

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