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Member Areas

We have two different "member areas".

Members-Only Area

Here we keep issues of the Journal of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association, and our member guide Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Essentials .

Members-Only Area

IMPORTANT: To enter this area, you will need your Username and Password from the Membership Management System. If you type them wrong you will stay in a loop asking for them. If you have forgotten them, cancel from that dialog and come back to this page to choose "Membership Management", then "Forgot Password" on the next screen. You can login to the Members-Only Area after the credentials resynchronize, within an hour.

Membership Management

We have an automated membership management system for joining and renewing memberships online.

Membership Management

Using the Membership Management system, it's easy to update your contact information and get automated renewal notices. When you join, the system gives you a Username and Password that is also used in the Members-Only Area. If you need help, contact

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