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Walther Carbajal

Affiliated School Director, Certified Instructor

Walther Carbajal

I began to study Tai Chi Chuan at 10 years old, in Mendoza - Argentina. Since then, I have been practicing this art, and I teach it since 1990.

I attended at a seminar in Montreal Canada with Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun in 1998 (Hand Form). Prof. Sergio Arione was my direct teacher for 20 years.

I studied and taught Philosophy, Moral, Ethics, and practical Psychology for 12 years. I gave lectures during a year (1999-2000) at several Universities, in Barquisimeto-Venezuela.

I attended the Tai Chi-Chikung & Chinna Seminar with Master Yang Jwing-ming, Caracas-Venezuela. 2001.

I won the First Place (Advanced Category) in the “III World AFMA Championship”, Caracas-Venezuela. 2001. I also won 3 medals in the “II Gran Copa Americana de Tai Chi Chuan” (Superior Category), Caracas. 2006.

I have formed seven instructors in the following States: Lara, and Zulia (Venezuela).

I graduated in “NEI JING” School: Traditional Chinese Medicine – Basic Course, Maracay-Venezuela (2007)

I attended the III Anual Southamerican Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Camp with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, San Carlos de Bariloche- Argentina. October 2007.

I founded "Centro Pedagógico de Tai Chi Chuan" (Tai Chi Chuan Pedagogic Center) in 1999, registered entity whose goal is the diffusion and spread of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in Venezuela and Latin America.

I have organized 7 international seminars in Barquisimeto-Venezuela with Prof. Sergio Arione, covering the areas of Hand Form, Sword, Saber and Push Hands and additionally Qigong training (Lohan Qigong System).

Pioneer in Venezuela in teaching Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and Ma Tsun Kuen's Tai Chi Chuan Style.

Pioneer in Venezuela of the teaching modality "pedagogic-practice" of Tai Chi Chuan and its phylosophy.

In April 2008 I approved the 4th level (Copper Tiger) of the International Yang Family TCC Ranking System, scheduled by Prof. Angela Soci in Sao Paulo-Brazil. Today I teach regular classes and seminars in Barquisimeto and other cities (Maracaibo, Valencia) doing my very best to spread Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Walther Carbajal

Urbanizacion Fundallara
Calle Anacoco entre Caracas y Capanaparo, Cooperativa Jacinto Lara
Barquisimeto - Estado Lara

Celular 0424-5820250
Oficina 0251-7189312


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