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Tihomir Todorov, Affiliated School Director

TihomirI started my practice in the martial arts in 1986 in central Russia with boxing. Later, after my return to Bulgaria, in my home town Stara Zagora, from 1987 to 2006, I have practiced several directions of Taijiquan and Xingyi Quan.

I got in touch with the Yang family in 2006 and in 2007, when Bulgaria became a member of the European Union. I used this opportunity immediately, and in the same year I visited a seminar of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association in Berlin, Germany, where I had a meeting with Master Yang Jun. Every year since then I attended Master Yang Jun’s seminars.

In 2008 I invited Dr. Jan–Mark Gering, director of Center for Yang style in Switzerland, to Bulgaria for a personal visit. In 2009, Claudio Mingarini, National Technical Director in Italy, came to Bulgaria in order to lead a seminar which I organized. In 2010 we made the first seminar in Bulgaria with Master Yang Jun.

Today, as student of Grandmaster Yang Jun, I am helping the development and popularization of Tai Chi Chuan in Bulgaria by teaching monthly courses, lectures, seminars, conferences, demonstrations and TV programs. Thanks to the help and the cooperation of other teachers from Europe and Bulgaria, and also thanks to the enthusiasm of Tai Chi Chuan practitioners, we have the opportunity to study and practice the Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Besides the martial arts, I have a graduate Bachelor degree in Economics, a Master's degree in Psychology and degree from the Chicago Polygraph Institute, USA as Polygraph Examiner. Also, I own a consulting company which is in the sphere of lie detection and the human resources.

Tihomir Todorov

5-G Stara planina Str., appt:89, Fl.6
Stara Zagora 6008
BULGARIA +359898531 692
Tel./Fax +35942623356


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