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Dimitar Mihaylov

Affiliated School Director

Dimitar Mihaylov

Dimitar Mihaylov was born in 1983 in Bulgaria. In 2001 he moved to the capital city of Sofia to pursue higher education in Law. Today he is a second-year student in the Medical University of Sofia, where he studies Public Healthcare and Management. His current occupation is team leader in the IT department of a medical software company.

He took his first steps on the path of martial arts in 2003 under the tutelage of Master Krassimir Dimitrov (a student of Gu Liuxin). Initially Master Dimitrov taught him WingTsun and Kobudo (Sai). In 2004 Dimitar joined Master Dimitrov's "Qing Long" (Green Dragon) school. There he studied only Chen style Tai Chi Chuan at first. Since 2007 he has been practicing primarily Traditional Yang Family style. Dimitar was an assistant instructor until his master’s passing in 2012. In addition to martial arts Dimitar was taught the Yi Jing, Qigong and Chinese calligraphy by Master Krasimir Dimitrov.

When Master Yang Jun first came to Bulgaria in 2010 Dimitar began following his seminars. In 2013 Dimitar reached out to the Yang Chen Fu Center in Florence where he continued his studies of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan under the guidance of Center Director Roberta Lazzeri. Later that year he joined the IYFTCCA Ranking system when he successfully passed the 2nd Rank “Silver Eagle” exam. In 2014 he achieved the 3d Rank “Golden Eagle”.

At the moment Dimitar is working for Petar Dragoev’s Sports Club “Black Dragon” – Sofia, which is the heir of “Qing Long” (Green Dragon). His main responsibility there is teaching Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. In 2014 SC “Black Dragon” became an Affiliated School of the IYFTCCA.

Dimitar Mihaylov

PO Box 516
Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone1: +359 899 977 110 (Petar Dragoev)
Phone2: +359 899 977 105 (Dimitar Mihaylov)


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