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Walter Santini, Certified Instructor

My journey into the knowledge of body movement began in 1969 when, at age 6, began studying ballet, with Kiki Urbani, studies that brought me to meet internationally renowned masters, to have my own company and dance in larger theaters.

The passion for martial arts began in 1984 to deepen and broaden my knowledge on the movement of the body when I enrolled at the school of Kung Fu Paolo Cangelosi. So I started practicing the Martial Arts trying to expand my horizons by studying other choreographic mobility techniques.

In 1995 I felt the need to focus my energy to just one style and I passed under the leadership of Michele Angelo Riolo, Chief of the center of Italy Hung Gar style of Master Chan Hon Chun represented now in the world by his student: Master Cheung Yee Keung.

In 1997 I attended at the Institute of Advanced Studies Paracelsus a course of traditional Chinese medicine, specializing manual techniques of massage, moxa, cupping and auricoloteraphy carapteristic disciplines of this system.

In 2000, thanks to the teachings of Claudio Mingarini, Technical Director and chief of Italy's center of Yang Chen Fu Wu Tao KKFAC and national technical director of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association under the guidance of Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo (4 th generation family Yang) and Master Yang Jun (6 th generation of the Yang family and current world founder of this style) I started the specialization of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan obtaining permission to teaching and popularization of this style.

Since 2001, for what concerns the Hung Gar style I follow the school of Master Ching Yew Wong in San Francisco direct student of Grand Master Lam Cho .

Through an international review I received a Level 4 in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan Yang family and I have been awarded Certified Instructor.

Currently I’m popularizing and teaching these arts through the districts, senior centers, with courses in martial arts schools and by organizing trips that include the daily practice of Tai Chi Chuan in full respect of tradition that is constantly passed to me by these great masters.

Walter Santini
Via Colle della Civetta 1

Ph: 347/6164790


Walter Santini

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