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Ugo Gallo

Certified Instructor

Ugo Gallo

Since I was a child I desired to practice martial arts, but the nearest school (a Judo school) was still very far away and therefore impossible to reach. When I was twenty years old I finally could fulfill my desire, joining the Central Aikido School of Rome, associated with AIKIKAI, that’s the Ueshiba Family Association.

I practiced Aikido for many years, than I followed Master Kurihara who, as a result of his personal studies, developed a style that went back to origins, the Shinkido. I went on with the daily training with Master Kurihara for several years, obtaining the black belt degree. With Master Kurihara I also experienced the Misogi, an ancient Shinto ritual to purify body and spirit under the jet of a carefully chosen waterfall.

Due to my job I had to leave from Rome and, when I was back, I decided not to resume the Shinkido practice but rather to devote to something softer and healthier that allowed me to rediscover myself. In this way I met Tai Chi Chuan, that was my second brainwave. It was during March 2006 and since then I practiced daily.

Under the guidance of Claudio Mingarini, National Coordinator and Technical Director for the IYFTCCA teachers training in Italy, I joined the teachers course and I attended open and Teachers Seminars held by Grand Master Yang Jun.

What I never forget is to practice every day in order to put into practice an ancient chinese saying, taught by Grand Master Yang Jun during one of his seminars: “every day of Tai Chi Chuan practice means to insert a drop of Qi (energy) into Dan Tian; for every day we don’t practice we lose ten drops of energy from the Dan Tian”.

Ugo Gallo


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