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Thilo Krienke

Affiliated School Director

  Thilo Krienke

I was born in 1971. At age 21, while in civilian service I was looking for health and harmony and thus started learning Tai Chi Chuan autodidactically. Later, while studying Economics at Kiel University I took some Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan training in a sports club.

In 1998 I attended a seminar with one of Yang Zhenduo's disciples, Jian Guiyan. This experience fully convinced me of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. In 2000 I joined the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and attended a seminar with Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun in Cologne. Seminars with Master Yang Jun and European Center Directors followed ever since.

While a postgraduate research assistant I gained some experience in teaching Tai Chi Chuan off- hours. After that my mind was set: I wanted to turn teaching Tai Chi Chuan into my main profession which it is since 2001.

Besides Tai Chi Chuan I especially enjoy walking, reading, writing and being a husband and father.

Thilo Krienke


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