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Thierry Huguet

Center Director, Certified Instructor

Thierry Huguet

I was born in 1963 in Angers (France) and I began to practice Martial Arts in 1980 (Tai Jitsu). In 1984, I entered in a traditional Ju-Jutsu school where I stayed ten years. I obtained my 1st dan and I taught five years with adults and children.

In 1995 I discovered Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and after ten years in my school, I decided to get my diploma to teach. In 2005 I obtained my professional diploma with the Wushu French Federation (FFWaemc). Between 2006 and 2007 I wanted to discover other Tai Chi Style (Wu, Chen), weapons (Long Stick, fan), Pakua, Xin Yi, Tui Shou with different international experts. Otherwise, I regularly participated in European and French Tai ji quan championships and international meetings.

In 2008, finally I wanted to return to the roots of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and I met Carole and Duc Nguyen in the Yang Chengfu tai chi chuan center Paris and Master Yang Jun. In 2009, I stopped my old job (computer) to create my own school and teach Tai chi chuan and Qi Gong in full time.

I am besides a practitioner of Chinese massage (Tuina) and I learned Traditional Chinese medicine.

Today, I co-organize the summer seminar of the Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan center Paris and I enjoy very much being part of the IYFTCC Association.

Thierry Huguet

Zhen Qi Association
8 rue Gonin
Toulouse, France

Tel: +33 675 038 283


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