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Susan Smith

Academy Instructor

Susan Smith

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan I had a philosophy professor who taught a wonderful year of Chinese philosophy; so began a love of Chinese culture that has continued to today. I studied the language at school and then went to live in Taipei with my husband where I was able to enjoy Chinese opera, the Palace Museum, and a first taste of taiji. Upon our return to the States, I became immersed in raising a family and pursuing a career in banking. When my sons reached high school, I found a taiji class and was able to embark on a more serious pursuit of this wonderful art.

Han Hoong Wang became my teacher in 1994. I have studied continuously with her since then and will always value her role in helping me to improve and grow in this art. As part of the Michigan Center, I have traveled to China four times and was conferred the 5 th rank of Silver Tiger in 2002. In addition to teaching at my local community center, I have been a ranking judge in Michigan since 2000.

Yang style tai chi has enriched my life in so many ways. I look forward to continued study, teaching and hopefully deepening my understanding of this martial art.

Susan Smith


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