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Sue Arione

Certified Instructor

Sue Arione

Sue began her adventure with Tai Chi in 2006 and soon marveled at what a difference this art form can do for a person, mentally and physically. Having experienced over 70 Yang Family seminars with Grand Master Yang Jun all over the world in the forms of hand, sword, saber and push hands, it is obvious to say Sue has solidified her enjoyment of this intriguing art form that is now studied and enjoyed by so many all over the world.

Sue enjoys practicing at the Montreal Chengfu Center with teacher Sergio Arione and many others that have discovered the mind and body health benefits of Tai Chi. Through bi- monthly in-depth teacher classes Sue further explores the applications of the moves and energy points from her teacher Sergio along with many other Montreal teachers that all share common interest and marvel in the form and discussions that are had with each other regarding Jing, Chi and Shen and how everything can apply life through the tai chi teachings and study.

Sue enjoys continued training, as we all know this is for life and we can never even begin to learn it all but the joy of learning it and passing it on to so many others is invaluable.

Sue Arione


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