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Stefano Labate

Certified Instructor

Stefano Labate

Stefano Labate was born in Milan, Italy, in 1976.

He graduated in Computer Science Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and currently works as software architect and web consultant.

During his life, he has constantly tried to merge his interests for science and spirituality, east and west, visible and invisible. This research path led him to meet in 2000 Master Giuseppe Turturo at the Yang Chengfu Center of Milan. The Tai Chi Chuan practice turned very soon into a profound passion, and he began assisting his Master during the weekly classes in Milan.

Following regularly Master Yang Jun's Hand Form, Sword, Saber and Pushing Hands seminars, he was awarded the 4th level in 2013. He is a judge in the Association's ranking system and since some years he's been attending the Teacher Academy classes in Milan and Master Yang Jun's instructors special seminars.

In 2013, Stefano started also teaching Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan autonomously in Milan, giving his contribution to this wonderful art, which is also he thinks a fascinating journey into the discovery of the deepest human nature.

Stefano Labate


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