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Stefanie Russell

Academy Instructor

It is my good fortune to have the opportunity to study with Master Yang Jun and Fang Laoshi here in the Redmond/Seattle Yang Chengfu Centers. Starting in 2004 with the Hand Form I have continued my training with Sword and Saber Forms, Push Hands, and Instructor Training classes, all the while seeking improvement through Correction classes and Seminars.

Giving back to our Center by participating in school demos and sharing in teaching responsibilities, as well as serving as a judge for the 2009 Ranking Tests, is also my good fortune. I teach at the YMCA and Redmond Senior Center as well.

Stepping out of my ballet slippers, having spent years teaching in a professional ballet company school, I am happy to discover the advantages of continuing my footsteps along the tai chi chuan path!

Having become grandmother to two exuberant boys it is lucky for me to have a way to improve myself enough to be worthy of that honor!

My past life experience allows me to study tai chi chuan more fully. My tai chi chuan experience allows me to live my life more fully. They have become one and the same.




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