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Robert Henry, Certified Instructor

I started studying Tai Chi with Laoshi Master Sergio Arione in Montreal in 1989. I began teaching Tai Chi in 1992 and became a full-time instructor in 1995 teaching 15 to 25 class a week. I am a senior administrator at the Yang Chen Fu Tai Chi Centre in the Roxboro Community Centre.

In addition to my responsibilities at the Centre, I teach Tai Chi and Qigong to a wide range of clientele, including seniors and persons with reduced mobility and more specifically for people with multiple sclerosis. I appreciate how Tai Chi can be tailored to meet the needs of a given clientele.

Since 1996, under guidance of Laoshi Sergio Arione, I have also been teaching and practicing the Choy Lee Fut system of Lohan Qigong as taught by Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa. I have been to China twice (2005 and 2006) to deepen my knowledge of Qigong.

In 1998, I attended my first Yang Family style seminar with Grandmasters Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Jun and have attended one per year with Grandmaster Yang Jun since that time.

I achieved the rank level 5, the Silver Tiger in November 2011. As a certified instructor, I would like to help others discover the many benefits of Tai Chi and help promote Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.


Robert Henry

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