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Robb Wagg, Certified Instructor

I began my practice of Tai Chi Chuan in 1995 when I found an article in the local newspaper about a local Tai Chi school after I had been introduced by friends. I spent three years with my first teacher and in 1998 I took a seminar with Yang Zhenduo in Winchester, VA. This was an important crossroads for me – both to switch from my first teacher studying the 24 Simplified Form to Yang Family Tai Chi Form and to my new teacher Pat Rice at the Winchester Virginia Yang Chengfu Center.

Over the past 12 years I have travelled to China several times for Yang Family Tai Chi sponsored trips, I have demonstrated with others in front of Chinese audiences, I have attended numerous seminars with both Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun, deepened my understanding and have practiced the 103 Bare Hands Form, the 49 Demonstration Form, as well Yang Family Sword, and Saber Forms. I also am learning partner work – push hands.

My current rank as of January 1, 2011 in the Yang Family Tai Chi ranking is Level 5 – Silver Tiger. I have been an assistant teacher in Winchester with Pat Rice for ten years and have taught private classes as well for a number of years.

I have studied with other schools and teachers, learning and practicing Qi Gong, and bringing new understanding to help both my own and my students’ growth.

Other facts that define me – are that I am a father of four girls and a grandfather of a boy and a girl with a third grandchild coming in July of 2011. I am a student of nutrition and work in the natural and organic foods industry. I built my own home from recycled lumber in the hills near Warrenton, VA.

Tai Chi has helped me center and lead a balanced life. One of my favorite sayings is from a dear friend – “Tai Chi should look good and be beautiful, Tai Chi should be healthy and nurture both mind and body, and last, Tai Chi should be useful, after all it is a martial art.”

Robb Wagg
6268 Old Bust Head Road
Broad Run VA 20137

Cell: 703-627-7210

Robb Wagg

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