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Peter Land, Certified Instructor

Peter lives in Plymouth, but started his tai chi journey in London in 1989, learning the Beijing Yang style among others. In 1997 he moved to Stockholm where he started studying Yang Family Tai Chi under Therese Teo (Mei Mei), and the following year he attended the first of many Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun seminars. After three years in Stockholm he returned to the UK, settling in Plymouth. He continues to visit Mei Mei in Stockholm whenever possible and attends her UK seminars in Cambridge. During 2007 he attended Mei Mei's teacher training course in Stockholm.

Peter started teaching in Plymouth in 2002, and has joined a small but dedicated group of tai chi enthusiasts who he has introduced to the Yang Family style. He also teaches at festivals in the UK.

Peter works part time in Plymouth as a remote sensing scientist, studying the Earth's oceans and lakes. His other interests include cycling and environmental issues, and at weekends he is usually to be found eco-renovating an old barn.





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