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Nicole Long

Certified Instructor

Nicole Long

I began my Tai Chi journey in September 2001 under the guidance of Sergio Arione at the Montreal Yang Chengfu Center and have never looked back since. In 2006, I joined the Center’s competition team and participated with my teammates in the 4th International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Tournament in the summer of 2007. Since then, I have participate in many tournaments and demonstrations both abroad and nationally as member of the team and individually.

Since 2004, I have regularly attended Master Yang Jun’s seminars in Montreal, as well as many in New Jersey. In 2009, I was fortunate to deepen my involvement at the center when I became assistant-instructor under the caring wings of Sifu Sergio Arione. In 2010, I started helping with the push hands program and have led the beginners’ class since 2011, the same year I attained the copper tiger level. I also assist Sifu Sergio Arione in teaching seniors’ classes outside the center during weekdays and lead the classes in his absence, and help out wherever else I may be of assistance to the Yang Chengfu Center in Montreal. I enjoy teaching tai chi and passing on its many and wonderful benefits to others. As the years have passed on, tai chi has become a passion and a vocation for me not only in practice but also in teaching.

Translator by profession, I hold a bachelor of music and am a very proud mother of three. When I am not busy with my family or at the center, I enjoy taking long walks with my dogs along the wooded trails in my town, as I am also a nature-enthusiast.

Nicole Long


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