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Nancy Thoman, Affiliated Instructor

Nancy Thoman

Nancy holds a Ph. D. in American Studies, specializing in art history from NYU. She has served as a museum curator and is currently an art critic in New York City. She is also the co-founder of the music group, The Gustav Mahler Society of New York.

Nancy began studying tai chi with a teacher of the 24-form. She is extremely grateful that she met Holly Sweeney-Hillman and became her student in Yang Style eleven years ago. She continues to study the Traditional Long Form, the 49 Exhibition Form, sword, saber, and push-hands with Holly. She has also taken teacher training. Having achieved the rank of silver eagle, she is currently learning Mandarin and studying Chinese art to deepen her practice.

Wanting to share the gift of tai chi with beginning students, Nancy is willing to accommodate the needs of all interested in learning Yang Family Style tai chi, young and old, in classes or private sessions.

Nancy lives with her husband in Glen Ridge, NJ.

Nancy Thoman


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