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Mihály Vadas

Affiliated School Director

Mihaly Vadas

He has graduated from the Theatre and Film Academy as a Television Director and worked as Editor-in-Chief and Programme Executive for MTV (Hungarian Television). Having more than 25 years of experience in studying and teaching Tai Chi Chuan, he led and organised international seminars and training camps, authored and published books and videos on martial arts. He has won several international competitions, world cups, European and national championships. He also claims many years of experience in studying and teaching the Healing Tao System of Mantak Chia.

Being an expert frequently appearing on screen, giving lectures on various topics and publishing books, his main activity includes the integration of Eastern and Western traditions and achievements to formulate a practical method aiming at helping people of the 21st century in an utmost contemporary way in personality development, shaping appropriate relationships and acquiring self-experience.

In 2007, he offered a seminar with Master Yang Zhendou in Hungary, continuing his studies further under the guidance of Master Yang Jun from 2008. At present, he holds the position of Chairman of the Hungarian Taijiquan Association.

Mihály Vadas


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