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Masako BERTHON, Certified Instructor

Masako was born in Hokkaido (Japan). She lived in Tokyo a few years before moving to France in the late seventies. She began her studies in Yang Style Tai chi chuan (International) in Tokyo during a 2 years stay from 1994 to 1996. Back to France, she joined her home town association of Tai chi chuan from which she heard for the first time about the Yang Family style Tai chi chuan, through Philippe Laspougeas who was, at the time, in charge of the class.

After seven years of practice, in 2003, she got in touch with Duc & Carole Nguyen Minh, Directors of Paris
Yang Chengfu Center. Since then, she continues to learn, under Duc & Carole supervision, the Yang Style Tai chi chuan, without neglecting Push hands, Saber and Sword. Besides, she takes advantage of Master Yang Jun’s coming to France every year to take part in his Seminar.
In 2007, she attained level 4th ranking during her participation at the Yang Style Tai chi chuan’s International Tournament held in Taiyuan, Shanxi.
In addition to her Yang Style Tai chi chuan’s enjoyable practice and teaching, she is also a certified instructor in Tai chi chuan from the French Federation of Tai chi chuan & Chi gong. As a beloved hobby, she practices the art of Haiga, Japanese haiku-painting tradition.

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