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Martin Fayers

Center Director, Certified Instructor

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor and Martin Fayers are the Centre Directors for the Yang ChengFu Centre Cambridge (UK).

Martin began studying Tai Chi within the Yellow Dragon School of Kung Fu under the instruction of Sifu David Skates in 1990.

Martin lives in a quiet country village in Suffolk.He began studying Yang Style Tai Chi and other Internal Martial arts in 1990 with a local group. After studying with Grand Master Yang Zen Duo in 1999, and with many other Tai Chi Masters; and after attending Seminars in London, Manchester, San Francisco, Rome, Berlin and Milan; since 2005 Martin has been teaching the full Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan curriculum (103 Hand Form, Sword Form, Sabre Form and Push Hands).

He has built up a family of Tai Chi Practitioners in and around Suffolk and Cambridgeshire who enjoy to the full, the benefits of Yang Style Tai Chi. Martin continues to study with Grandmaster Yang Jun and Therese Teo (Mei Mei). Martin is a full instructor member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA).

In his spare time Martin enjoys being with his family, reading, walking and gardening.

Martin Fayers


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