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Marcus Schoon, Certified Instructor

Marcus began his study of Tai Chi with Han Hoong Wang at the Michigan Tai Chi Center in 1997. He attended his first of several seminars with Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Jun in 1999. Marcus has studied as Han’s private student since January 2008. Marcus has also taken several other martial art styles. He has studied Kenpo Karate since 1978 and achieved a 3rd degree black belt in 1988. He also began studying Yoshinkai Aikido in 1992 and received a 4th degree black belt in 2002. Marcus’ uncle through marriage to his aunt, was American Tai Chi pioneer Marshall Ho’o. Marcus runs his own martial arts school, the Anshinkan in Troy, MI (, where he teaches Aikido, Kenpo Karate and Tai Chi Chuan.
Marcus is a member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra where he plays bassoon, contrabassoon and saxophone. He joined the orchestra in 1992.

Marcus Schoon
Troy, MI USA



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