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Leonardo Ferri

Academy Instructor

Leonardo Ferri

I was born in 1978 and grew up imitating the athletes in the martial arts movies. As soon as I could, I enrolled in a karate class, the first and closer to home, in my isolated home province. However, after some years of practice, I felt the need to leave work exclusively on the body and for a couple of years I have devoted myself to meditation.

Finally in 2001 I decided to return to work systematically on the body. So I started studying Taijiquan, after long time that I felt its attraction without knowing anything about it. Luckly, I quickly found a course in Terni affiliated with the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association (IYFTCCA). My teachers were, and still are, Claudio Mingarini and Giorgio Balducci.

In 2005 I obtained the 1st level (Copper Eagle) recognized by IYFTCCA and in 2007 the 2nd (level) (Silver Eagle). In March 2009 I received the 3rd (level) (Gold Eagle), while in April 2011, the 4th (level) (Copper Tiger). All qualifying examinations were evaluated by the Commission of Judges chaired by Claudio Mingarini, National Director of the IYFTCCA - Italy.

Since 2002 I have participated to nearly all the Italian Taijiquan seminars conducted by Grand Master Yang Jun, the current Leader of the 5th generation of the Yang family.

In October 2005 I started teaching this discipline, immediately with encouraging results.

Since 2007, I began the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu, Traditional Style and Five Ancestors Style, under the guidance of Giorgio Balducci.


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