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Jimmie Murphy

Affiliated Instructor

Jimmie Murphy

Jimmie Murphy started his Martial Art journey in 1967 after starting his career with IBM. Jimmie’s training has been with several teachers, Masters and Grand Masters in Japanese (Lexington, Ky.), Korean (Redbank, N.J.) and Chinese Martial Arts (Taiwan and Ky). Jimmie’s internal style training began with Master Hiang The and Grand Master Sin The with Shaolin Do and Lee style Tai Chi, Pagua and Xing Yi.

Jimmie began his training with Yang Family Tai Chi in 2007 in Georgetown, Ky. with Laoshi Bill Wojasinski. Having learned the Traditional 13, 16, 49 and 103 Hand forms as well as the 13 Saber and 67 Sword forms, his pursuit is now the study and practice of “Push Hands”. Jimmie has attended seminars on the 49 form, Traditional 103 Hand Form, 67 Sword Form and Yang Family Push Hands with Master Yang Jun, 5th generation direct lineage holder in Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. Jimmie was selected to be the Registrar for the Master’s Symposium in Nashville 2009 and proud to have helped make this event a piece of Tai Chi history. Due to his commitment to the study and practice of the Yang Family Art, he received the level 3 – Gold Eagle ranking in 2010 and is on course for further ranking.

Jimmie has been studying /teaching Tai Chi and Qigong with an emphasis on health and healing. He is ranked in “Spring Forest” Qigong under Master Chunyi Lin and has studied 8 Pieces of Brocade with Bill Wojasinski. His favorite saying is, “You don’t know what you don’t know” and his passion is teaching the art of breathing. Jimmie say’s his biggest achievement is having been married to his wife of 41 years and to raise his daughter and two sons.

Having retired as an Engineer from Lexmark International Jimmie’s plans are to keep teaching the health benefits of seated as well as standing Tai Chi and Qigong.

Jimmie Murphy


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