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Jeffery Graham-Lietz, Certified Instructor


I began my Tai Chi Chuan journey in 1998 as a means to improve my health. I started with the Yang Style Simplified 24 and 88 posture forms under the direction of Tom Keenan and Zhang Fuxing. I then studied a 108 Yang style form with You, Yong.

In 2003 I was intruduced to Kentucky Center Director Carl Meeks. After attending Master Yang Jun's Hand Form Seminar in Louisville, Kentucky that year I joined the International Association and became a student of the Traditional Yang Family Style. I have studied the different Hand Forms, as well as, the Sword, Saber and Push Hands.

I have been fortunate to attend numerous seminars held by Master Yang Jun, as well as, the Master's Forum in Canada (2006), the Master's Symposium in Nashville (2009) and to compete in the Third International Tournament in Shanxi, China (2007).

I received my Level Four Ranking in November 2009 and was Certified as an Instructor in January 2010. Being retired allows me to teach classes at various Senior Centers during the day and become a student at night. I look forward to expanding my Tai Chi Chuan experience through the direction of Master Yang Jun, Center Director, Carl Meeks and my fellow Instructors.


Jeffery Graham-Lietz
Louisville, KY USA




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