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Jacques DUPRE, Certified Instructor

I was born on 12-06-1933, in Nogent sur Marne, France.
I started working when I was 15 when my father passed away, to maintain my mother and my two younger sisters. All my life I worked in offset printery.

In the army, athletics practice allowed me to be selected for a military sporting instructors seminar in the Fort Carré at Antibes. Since then started my interest for fighting sports. In 1957, after the Algeria war, I applied to Karatedo courses in Mr Plee’s Dojo, Paris. I got the black belt in 1961 and began teaching in evenings, after my work. In 1962 at a seminar at my teacher’s Dojo, I met Mr Oshima (5th dan) who was currently teaching in USA where he founded the 1st Federation outside Japan. I followed his school for 42 years, gaining ranking levels one after the other. Finally I got by equivalence the 5th level at FFKAMA.

Twenty years ago, I turned my interest to Tai Chi Chuan to get prepared for my old days, and go on practicing martial arts in a more suitable way to aging. I followed courses with Mrs Jacqueline Hu Danling at Mr James Kou’s Club in Paris (called ‘French Federation of Tai Chi Chuan’. After she accidentally died in China, I succeeded her teaching in James Kou’s Club, which was possible with my National Karate Instructor diploma (at that time, Tai Chi Chuan was integrated in FFKAMA). I also created a Tai Chi section in my own Club.

As I wanted to improve my skills in Tai Chi, I got in touch with Duc and Carole Nguyen Minh. I have had the good luck to participate to the last Master Yang Zhenduo’s seminar in France, when he came in Paris with Master Yang Jun in 2004. Then, I applied as a member of the International Yang style Association and I got my 3rd ranking level in China in 2005. I regularly participate to Duc and Carole’s training seminars, as well as to Yang Jun’s yearly seminars in Paris. In 2007 I had the honour to be a member of the first ranking committee held in France by the Yang Chengfu Center Paris. In 2008 I succeeded in my 4th ranking level with Master Yang Jun and Duc & Carole as ranking committee.

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