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Iris Buthge, Certified Instructor

I was born in Germany in 1963.I went to France with my mother as I was 6. I've started with tai chi in 2000 with Mrs. Schmidt in Forbach. In 2004, I became member of YCF Center Paris where I've met Duc and Carole. In the following years,I've participated to their WE seminaries as well as those of Master Yang Zhenduo (2004) and Master Yang Jun. Duc and Carole pushed me to pass rankings and supported me with theirs advice and encouragement as I've decided to work on my own. I have very nice memories from the China travel 2007. To compete and to meet other tai chi friends was a good experience. At the time, I'm continuing with Qi Gong training in Nancy. I teach at the Foyer Culturel of Sarreguemines and the Association Lumière du Levant in Alsting.



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