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Hugues Raharimanantsoa

Center Director, Certified Instructor


Hugues lives in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

2003, he met Duc and Carole NGUYEN MINH and began to practice YANG FAMILY TAI CHI CHUAN.

June 2004, he attended the European Seminar in Paris directed by GrandMasters YANG Zhen Duo and YANG Jun. And since then, every year in April, in Paris, he comes to Master YANG Jun’s Seminar organized by YANG CHENGFU TAI CHI CHUAN CENTER FRANCE.

2007, he participated with a delegation of MADAGASCAR to the “25th Anniversary of the SHANXI Association and Third Tournament of YANG FAMILY TAI CHI CHUAN” in Taiyuan, CHINA.

October 2009, at the “First European Seminar for Instructors” in ROME, directed by Master YANG Jun, he became a Certified Instructor.

2011, he was appointed Director of Madagascar Center.

Hugues Raharimanantsoa


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