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Giulia Santangeli, Academy Instructor

Giulia Santangeli

My passion for martial arts began when I was very young, Kung Fu being the path along which to strengthen personality and self-confidence, becoming aware little by little of one's own limits and trying to overcome them by daily work.

I began my practice in the Wu Tao school, a gymnasium in which many styles are practiced, both external and internal (Wing Chun, Tang Lang, Hung Gar, Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan).

After years of practice I specialized in Tang Lang style and I started the teaching experience, crowned in 2001 with an important award: Master Lee Kam Wing, leader of the Qi Xing Tang Lang school in Hong Kong, personally conferred me the title of instructor.

In 2002 I got the teacher training high-school diploma as a sports technician - Martial Arts instructor, issued by C.O.N.I. Italian Fencing Federation (a federation in which Kung Fu schools are included).

Tang Lang however didn't exhaust my quest, so I also started studying an internal style, the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, which gradually has totally absorbed my interest and nowadays continues to be the center of my daily workouts.

Within this style I attended the teacher training courses held by the Yang Family Technical Director for Italy Claudio Mingarini, up to the Instructor Training Course held by Grand Master Yang Jun, 5th Master of the Yang Family traditional heritage.

At present I teach the traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in the Simoncelli gymnasium of Frascati, with the purpose of spread this style in the other towns of the (surrounding Rome) “Castelli Romani” area.


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