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Giorgio Balducci, Certified Instructor

Giorgio Balducci was born in Terni ( Italy ) the 18th of March 1970.

He started the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu at the age of ten but he had to stop for family problems although he was deeply impressed by it. Then he started again at the age of 16 studying different styles as Shaolin, Hung Gar, Tang Lang, Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan Yang style. Besides Kung Fu Wu Shu he shared fighting experiences also with people coming from other different fighting styles.

In 1996 he started studying traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan with Claudio Mingarini and since 1998 he had the chance to follow G.M° Yang Zhen Duo and M° Yang Jun’s seminars in Italy. During this period he understood that the real aim of Kung Fu is not to defeat any opponent, but it is to be deeply aware and conscious of ourselves, of the others and of the world.

In 2004 he was ranked level 4th by an IYSTCCA international committee, two years after he become certified instructor and in 2007 he was ranked level 5th with an international ranking committee leaded by Master Yang Jun.

He says “I am very glad to all my teachers and particularly I would give a special thank to: Claudio Mingarini ( IYSTCCA National Training Technical Director of Italy ), Enrico Iovine ( Wing Chun Technique Department Director of Wu Tao Kwoon Kung Fu Cultural Association),  Angelo Riolo  (teacher of  Hung Gar of Master Cheung Yee Keung in charge for the Center and the South and Italy).

I received and I continually receive a lot from the practice of Kung Fu and I hope I would be able to return a part of it to whom will be interested in studying Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan with me�?.

Giorgio Balducci
Via Alfredo Casella, 23  00199 Roma Italy

Tel/Fax. + 39 06 8610590
Tel: +39 347 3602484


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