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Francois Lefebvre, Certified Instructor

Francois was born and raised in Montreal, where he is still living. He was introduced to Tai Chi in 1983 but only began serious training with Sergio Arione in 1994, learning the Yang hand form taught to Sergio by Master Tsun Kuen Ma.

In 2000, still under Sergio's supervision, he began to learn the traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo. He also attended his first Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan seminar, in Montreal, with Grandmasters Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Jun. Since then, he participated to several 103 Hand Form, 67 Sword Form and 13 Saber Form seminars, where he kept improving his skills and knowledge of the art.

Francois obtained the rank of Copper Tiger in November 2010; he became a certified instructor shortly after. He is currently teaching at the Yang Chenfu Tai Chi Chuan Center in Montreal where he tries to promote Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan for the benefits of his students.

Francois Lefebvre



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