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Franco Giordana

Certified Instructor

Franco Giordana

Franco Giordana was born in Milan (Italy) in 1940.

Graduated in Mechanical Engeneering at the Milan Polytecnic in 1966 and there he started his academic career becoming Assistent in 1967, Half Professor in 1970 and Full Professor of Applied Mechanics in 1974. Besides teaching and research, he also held administrative tasks as Director of Institute and Vice President of the Institution for the care of unwealthy students. Retired in 2008, is now involved as Administrator of a website devoted to the study of the native flora of Italy.

He started the practice of Taijiquan in 2004 with Giuseppe Turturo at the YCF Center of Milan and followed his teaching since then, taking regularly ranking test up to the present 4th level. He followed 11 seminars held by GM Yang Jun on the hand form, sabre, sword and push-hands and also several stages in different locations in Italy and abroad. In the last years he has held classes in substitution of Giuseppe and is regularly teaching the hand form to beginners during the morning classes held by Giuseppe in Milan.

Franco Giordana


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