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Franck Vincent

Certified Instructor

Franck Vincent

I was born in Morocco in 1960. After 6 months, I followed my parents in France.

Sport has always been a part of my life. I tested several practices: swimming, Taekwondo, archery and “Canne et Bâton” for 10 years. In this last club of “Canne et Bâton” , I had the role of assistant professor during 2 years and I was treasurer of the association. I got the skill “6 eme canne and initiator”. This practice is affiliated to the « Fédération de Boxe Française et Disciplines Associées ».

Morocco direct to Tours (nice aera site and city - wine - castel - soft climate), teenager during 4 years I practiced swimming 2 hours every day except on sunday. After this during 6 years I became student in boarding school and follow by 1 year of army. Moving to the neighbourd of Paris to work and start my own life. I tested Taekwondo, it will be a fine wake up. Discovering my Yin partner, I move to Paris and test another pratice the "canne et Bâton". When my two daughters arrive and will impose a break of any pratice. In fact not complete, I ride a bike in the forest, the round wheel will certainly suggest the future.

Seeing a demonstration of Tai Chi Chuan I fell under the charm of this practice. It became evidence that I wanted to practice. Then I started Tai Chi Chuan in 2001, without interruption since this time. In 2005 I meet Carole and Duc during a seminar with Master Yang Jun at Paris. During this seminar I understood that it’s necessary to follow a master.

I followed and took advantage of Carole and Duc seminars with Master yang jun’s seminar in 2005. Since this year, I attended this Yang (Form 103) training in Paris with Master yang Jun and some time the Instructor training in San Gemini. I have been teaching Tai Chi since 2005 in Palaiseau. In this assosciation, I had different status : student , teacher, treasurer for one year.

At Chevry since 2006, I have been working with Professors Carole and Duc on the yang Form. Since 2009, I have been doing the warm up before practice most of the time, and I have been teaching to beginners and advanced for Tai Chi. I sometimes replace teachers for arms and Tui Shou practice. Following advices from Carole and Duc of the Yang Cheng Fu Paris, I got several Ranking Levels (the last one 4 = Copper tiger-year 2012) and the level of Instructor in 2015.

Tai Chi gives other opportunities to travel and meet new friends. In 2012, I participated to an international tournament in China, and in 2013 and 2014 I went to Romania to work with MING DAO association in Cluj.

My deepest regret is to have not started Tai Chi Chuan younger. But it’s always with the same pleasure that I practice and transmit. It’s a great opportunity to meet people and to share.

Tai Chi Chuan is a benefit to help you to live stressless and is always a good company. My ankylosing spondylitis detected, lets me quiet with Tai chi Chuan practice. I work in IT as software support and I am married and have two daughters to disturb me of my Tai Chi practice.

Franck Vincent


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