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Frances Buckelew, Certified Instructor

In June of 1992, I met Laoshi Andy lee in a Tai Chi demonstration in East Brunswick, NJ.

She literally had me at “hello”. Her instruction of the moves, her energy & excitement about the art gave me such curiosity about Tai Chi that I decided from that day to start studying with her and of course, continue to this day.

Laoshi Andy Lee introduced me to Master Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun in 1994 at a saber workshop in VA. There was so much to learn, so many unknown things about Tai Chi that I just wanted to know more and more about it. I started to attend many of the workshops with Laoshi Andy Lee and other students of our school to Master Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun’s yearly visit to the USA. Learning the 103 hand form, Saber, the 13 hand form and into the sword form; the new 49 competition form. I have been to China, twice in 1997 & 2005 to Taiyuan to continue to practice with Masters Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Jun. A wonderful experience.

I have been teaching Yang Style Tai Chi since the 1990’s to senior centers, adult education HS classes and a private student with Multiple Sclerosis. I would like to continue teaching those with handicaps so they too can experience the energy and happiness that Tai Chi Chuan has given me.

I also practice Qigong, Baguà and Tai Chi ruler.

Outside my Tai Chi family, I am a registered nurse with Med-surg, MICU and OR experience including travel nursing to Florida and Utah. I am presently working as an RN Case Manager for a company with NJ Medicaid.

I achieved Level 4 ranking this past Dec ’10 and will continue my studies in all areas of the art including, new to me- push hands. I would also like to continue to work with those with physical limitations.

Frances Buckelew
East Brunswick, NJ


Frances Buckelew

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