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Florence & Kea Suon

Center Directors, Certified Instructors

Florence & Kea Suon

Florence and Kea SUON established the Okinawa Shaolin Association  in 1991. We have taught yoga, tai chi, karaté, kobudo, kung fu, thai boxing. Kea continues to teach karaté, kobudo, kung fu, tai chi chuan. In addition to the management of the Association, Florence practices and teaches Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong.

In 2000, with advertising by Nelly and Andre Leray, Kea was able to follow the course with great Master Yang Zhenduo  and Yang Jun. Since then we practice Tai Chi Chuan Yang Chengfu.

We had the pleasure of participating in various events of the Yang family in China :

Every year we go to training in Paris, led by Master Yang Jun. Florence and Kea have attended all seminars of Master Yang Jun in Paris and Milan and have really enjoyed them. We have invested heavily to promote the Tai Chi Chuan Yang style. This effort was rewarded and we are now YCF center of Lyon. 

Florence & Kea Suon


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