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Fabio Marcelloni

Certified Instructor

Fabio Marcelloni

2011 BLACK BELT:/4th dan in Qi Xing Tang Lang.

2011 4th Level International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association

Since 2009 founder and president of the Association “Scuola d’Oriente” (Center for the dissemination of Chinese traditional culture with particular reference to martial arts).

2007 Certificate Chinese Tuina Energy Massage Operator at the AMSA Association of Rome.

2005 begins to follow Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine course held by Master Jeffrey Yuen.

2002 Master Certificate of Technical Sports Instructor of Martial Arts issued by the Federation of Fencing “Federazione Scherma C.O.N.I.” (federation that includes Kung Fu).

Since 2002 Representative of the "Seven Star Mantis Kung Fu Research Institute Europe" in Frascati and the area of Castelli Romani, Rome, Italy.

From 2002 follows the teachings of Grand Master Zhong Lian Bao representative of Qi Xing Tang Lang of Yantai in the province of Shandong in the north of China and direct disciple of G.M. Lin Jin Shan.

Instructor of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association since 2002.

In 2001 Instructor of the M° Lee Kam Wing Founding School of Qi Xing Tang Lang in Hong Kong.

Started following Tai Chi Chuan seminars held by Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo and his grandson Master Yang Jun in 2000 and since the beginning participated at the Instructors Courses of the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association in Rome with the IYFTCCA Italian Director Claudio Mingarini (person in charge for the Yang family Tai Chi Chuan in Italy).

In 1998, after reaching the level of Instructor, opens a martial arts school with Giulia Santangeli in Frascati (Castelli Romani - RM), in order to popularize traditional Kung Fu.

In 1997 begins to deepen Yang style Tai Chi Chuan

In 1996 begins specialization in the external style of Qi Xing Tang Lang (7 Star Praying Mantis).

In 1989 begins the practice of various styles of Kung Fu: Wing Chun, Tang Lang, Hung Gar, Shaolin, Tai Chi Chuan.

Born in Rome 11/06/1974

Fabio Marcelloni

Phone: (+39) 347 8152139

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