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Eric Ziegler, Certified Instructor

In 1959, Eric was born and currently resides in Montreal, Canada. He has always been interested in martial arts and enjoyed sports; he chose to participate in fencing for many years prior to his Tai Chi beginnings.

In October 1991 following the birth of his son he needed to find a new balance in his life. He met his teacher, Sergio Arione and began learning Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Master Tsun Kuen Ma. In 2001 his teacher introduced him to the Traditional Yang Style and he made it a goal to try and attend one seminar every year.

In September 2006 with the help of his teacher he set up a competition team of which he still is involved with as a coach and participant. The main goal at the time was to participate in the 2007 Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan 3rd International Invitational Tournament in China of which was a delightful experience. The competition department at the Montreal school is currently open to participants willing to make the commitment of training harder and to find the best within themselves.

In May 2009, along with Sergio and the competition team, Eric was instrumental in helping organize the 1st Annual Tai Chi Chuan Tournament at the Montreal Center. The objective of the tournament was to promote Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan by having participants take part in a healthy challenge and share with others a sense of camaraderie.

In October 2010 Eric reached the Copper Tiger level.

Eric is very thankful to Sergio Arione for having transmitted to him, his passion for Tai Chi. Along with this passion he is thankful for having been given the opportunity and trust to assist and give regular classes where he has been able to share the benefits and beauty of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.


Eric Ziegler

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