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Danielle Hammond

Certified Instructor

Danielle Hammond

My Tai Chi journey began in 2001. I had seen some demonstrations of the Yang family style and was drawn by the beauty and gracefulness of the movements. I met with Sergio Arione to inquire and began my first class the next day.

Since 2007, I have participated in all of Grand Master Yang Jun’s seminars at the Montreal Yang Chengfu Centre, which included the 103, sword and saber. I also attended a couple of Grand Master Yang Jun’s 49 hand form seminars in New Jersey. As well, as part of my study, I attended both the 2009 Nashville and 2014 Louisville Grand Master’s international symposiums.

In 2008 my passion grew. I started taking push hands classes and joined the Montreal Yang Chengfu Centre’s competition team. I have had the opportunity to participate in some competitions as part of the team as well as individually, including China 2012.

In 2010 I became an assistant instructor for beginner’s tai chi and push hands classes. I continue to assist and teach tai chi and lead a novice push hands class at the Montreal Yang Chengfu Centre on a weekly basis. I’m grateful to Sifu Sergio Arione to have been given the opportunity and trust to assist and teach at the Centre.

In March of 2014, I attained the rank of copper tiger. I’m thankful to many teachers and caring members and friends at the Montreal Yang Chengfu Centre who have and continue to contribute to my growth. I continue to train and study on a weekly basis under the guidance of my teacher Sergio Arione and as well on a daily basis individually and with other certified teachers and senior members.

It is with great gratitude that I have for Sifu Sergio Arione that I want to help other students feel the physical and mental wellness and passion that Tai Chi Chuan can bring to their lives on both a professional and personal level.

Danielle Hammond


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