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Cosimo Mancini

Certified Instructor

Cosimo Mancini

Born in Puglia in Sava in 1957, after graduation he continued his studies at the University of Padua, where in 1987 he obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in telecommunications, to carry out later, from 1987, his professional career in Milan, in SIEMENS Company.

He discovered the charm of the martial arts in the early nineties, at the school kwoonkungfu of Milan, with the master Giuseppe Turturo, but was not able to frequent beneficially the school as must go away to work abroad very often. Returning more permanently to Milan in 2000, met the Tai Chi of Yang family at the Yang Cheng Fu center of Milan, Director Joseph Turturo. He has participated in several seminars with the G.M. Yang Jun and G.M. Yang Zhen Duo, organized in Italy by the Italian centers Yang Cheng Fu, form 103, saber, sword and push hands and followed many stages organized in particular, from the Yang Cheng Fu center of Milan.

Cosimo Mancini

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